Mallorca on film

In celebration of summer's arrival and vacation season, I want to share my photographs taken on film in Mallorca last year. 


On that trip I decided not to take my digital camera with me and relied only on film which was pretty risky. But I think film as a chosen medium helped me to capture beautifully the very essence of the island's coastline, its turquoise waters, beaches and cliffs. The grain, the texture, and the imperfections of the film photos became part of the narrative and underlined authenticity of the moment. I hope these photographs will transport you right there, to the edge of the cliffs above the endless sea full of serenity and tranquility. 


Let yourself immerse in these photographs and feel the salt in the air no matter where you are watching them from. May they serve you as a reminder that summer is not as short as we often fear. We can prolong it by cherishing every small summer moment and by creating new summer memories. Cheers to us and our summers!

All the photos were taken on Canon EOS 500n using Kodak Portra 400 film rolls. 


Created by Marina Polovinkina | Wedding, elopement, couple and family photographer based in Berlin.